HOSIL.TJ is expanding cooperation with seed and fertilizer producers

The agricultural input market is poorly developed in Tajikistan, and is dominated by low-quality fertilisers, plant protection products and seeds without any quality certificates; often there are plenty of counterfeit and fake products of famous brands. It leads that HOSIL.TJ is not always able to fulfil the received orders, because it is impossible to find quality agri-inputs with relevant certificates inside the country — from local input suppliers. To mitigate this challenge, the HOSIL.TJ team March 17, 2023, participated in the18th International Exhibition on Agriculture — AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2023 in Tashkent.

The AgroWorld Uzbekistan exhibition presented products of companies specializing in the production of modern technologies and materials for crop production, livestock, poultry farming, veterinary medicine, processing, transportation and storage of agricultural products.

The HOSIL.TJ team established cooperation with several producers of seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, drip irrigation and greenhouse equipment, which will soon be tested in demo-sites in various regions of the country and then available in HOSIL.TJ for orders from agricultural producers in Tajikistan.