Neksigol work was evaluated as one of the ways for ensuring food security

Dear Friends! We would like to call your attention to an article about the contribution of the Neksigol Group to the development of the agricultural sector, which was published in one of the oldest newspapers in the country — «HAQIQATI SUGHD» at the end of January. The article was prepared based on the results of the final meeting of the Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate under the Chairman of the Sughd region.

Published on Tuesday, 31 January 2023, No. 13 (1628)

Pathway to food security

The Founder of Peace and National Unity — Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, H.E. Emomali Rahmon, mentioned in his Address to the Majlisi Oli: «The agricultural sector is one of the important sectors of the national economy, and one of our strategic goals — ensuring the country’s food security and improving the economic situation of the people is deeply dependent from the level of development of this sector».

At the final meeting of the Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate under the Chairman of the Sughd region, Rajabboy Ahmadzoda — Chairman of Sughd region positively assessed the contribution of the Neksigol Group to the development of the agricultural sector. We spoke with Mahinakhon Suleymanova — Executive Director of Neksigol Mushovir about the success and challenges of their group.

She mentioned that Neksigol is a group consisting of three companies: Open Joint Stock Company Neksigol, Public Organization Neksigol Mushovir and Limited Liability Company Neksigol Navovar. The first company was OJSC Neksigol in the group, which was established in 2002. OJSC Neksigol supplies agricultural inputs through its network of agro-shops «MEROJ». Neksigol Mushovir is a non-for-profit organization. Since 2009, Neksigol Mushovir has been providing consulting, training, and research services for the agricultural sector. Neksigol Navovar is an AgTech company founded in 2016, it develops digital solutions for improving efficiency of agricultural production.

Every year, Neksigol assists dozens of small and medium enterprises engaged in agribusiness and thousands of farmers in Tajikistan to increase their profitability, to improve the quality and to introduce innovative technologies in the production, processing, and marketing of agricultural products.

Mahinakhon Suleymanova says that our goal is to introduce innovative technologies in agriculture that allow agribusinesses to become more profitable, efficient, and environmentally safer. We value Transparency, Responsibility, Partnership, Quality, Reliability, and Innovation.

Neksigol services target all actors of the agricultural value chain, starting from input suppliers, farmers, and processing companies up to relevant government agencies, — said Mahinakhon Suleymanova.

Neksigol team consists of 24 core staff members employed at the head office in Khujand and at its sub-offices in provinces and more than 100 field workers. Our consultants are advisors in the field of agronomy, pest and disease control, livestock farming, irrigation, business, analytics, and software engineering. Our field workers are field agronomists, hydro-technics, interviewers, and salesmen of agro-shops. As well as Neksigol maintains a database of its part-time consultants, who are involved in short-assignments.

Neksigol Mushovir provides a wide range consulting, training, and research services for the agricultural sector: starting from development capacity building programs and training materials up to conduction of trainings for trainers, trainings in Farmers Field Schools, introduction of recourse-saving technologies, etc.

In the conversation, Mahinakhon Suleymanova mentioned that the company’s services cover the production and marketing of agricultural products, including plant and livestock farming. We apply sustainable farming methods, organic farming and climate-smart agricultural practices, she said.

If Neksigol Mushovir projects are aimed at testing and adapting new technologies and methods to local conditions, Neksigol Navovar projects are aimed at the digitalization of agricultural services.

From the competitive advantages of the organization, I would like to note that Neksigol employs one of the best teams of qualified specialists in the field of agricultural consulting.

Neksigol has established an extensive partnership network, which includes relevant state structures, national and foreign companies, donors and development agencies.


It is worth noting that Neksigol is the first company in Central Asia, which applied digital technologies in solving agricultural challenges. As noted above, so far Neksigol has developed digital solutions that improve access to markets, agricultural knowledge and agricultural services and help farmers mitigate risks related to weather and climate change.

Such digital services are HOSIL.TJ — online agricultural inputs delivery service, Price Monitoring and Analysis System, e-Agri-Map — mapping tool for decision making, e-Agri-Library — electronic agricultural library, agri-calculators, SMS-agroline — SMS-based agriculture extension service, AgroSpaceBot — virtual extension agent, mobile apps for agribusiness, etc.

Up to date, the user number of these digital tools is more than 200 000 from different countries all over the world. Because many of them are available not only in Tajik, but also in Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages. These digital tools help users to make informed decisions so that their agricultural production and trade become more efficient, secure, and less labour-intensive.

For example, HOSIL.TJ is an online delivery service of agri-inputs in Tajikistan and currently, it is working in MVP format, which is the earliest version of the product that has a minimum set of functionalities sufficient to be presented to the public and tested on the first users.

Farmers can call the Call Centre or order in the online web-portal for seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products etc. HOSIL.TJ offers agri-inputs at affordable prices, guarantees quality and provides the best after-sales service.

Guaranteed quality means agri-inputs are certified, not fake and with a minimal environmental hazard. The focus of the service is mainly on modern, high-performance and environmentally friendly agri-inputs supplies. The best after-sales service means that ordered agri-inputs are delivered to clients’ doors free of charge and agronomists-consultants will provide advice on how to properly use purchased agri-inputs.


The system provides access to a database of price data for over 100 items, including food commodities, agricultural products, inputs supplies and non-food items (such as fuel, unskilled and skilled wage labour rates, etc.) in 15 cities/districts of Tajikistan. In 2015, in the framework of the partnership between the Neksigol Group and AgroInformAsia LTD, the coverage was extended to Kyrgyzstan, thus making available price data for 60 agricultural products in 5 cities of Kyrgyzstan.

In Tajikistan, the price data for food and non-food items are collected weekly in retail markets through the network of field enumerators and for input supplies — monthly from agro-shops. In Kyrgyzstan, the price data are obtained monthly from the National Statistics Committee.

The system provides analysis and reporting features allowing users to quickly browse single price series, create comparisons among products/markets/time series, download charts, data and basic statistics such as averages, percentage changes, etc.

Advanced technical solutions are applied for the dissemination and analysis of price information. The data are made available via a web-based platform, Android mobile app, SMS, messengers and API connections. The system is able to create semi-automated reports, such as weekly, monthly and quarterly market updates. The data are available in Tajik, Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages.

The Price Monitoring and Analysis System was implemented in 2010 by the Neksigol Group with the technical guidance of UNDP under the «Aid for Trade» project and HELVETAS under the «Local Market Development» project, and Neksigol took full control of it in 2016.


Asatullo Habibulloyev, farmer, field agronomist-consultant, head of Dehkan Farm Bahrom from Bobojon Gafurov district said in a conversation,, I am grateful to Neksigol not only for success of my business and well-being of my family, but also for my status in the village. I am respected by both old and young. Even the best agronomists sometimes turn to me for advice. This is all because I am always learning new knowledge. And I am always the first to turn to this organization, because I felt behind them not only trust and support, but also real dedication to their mission.

Abdusamad Abduvohidov, Chief of management board, Water Users Association «Bogparvar» from Bobojon Gafurov district:

When specialists of Neksigol came and told me about the new project and introduction of a new irrigation system, I had doubts. I did not see prospects in their plans today I realized that I was very wrong. In fact, Neksigol has awakened us from a deep sleep!

Sojidamo Asoeva, head of Dehkan Farm Sojidamo from Muminobod district of Khatlon region:

We, rural women, express our gratitude to Neksigol consultants for the knowledge received from them, and for our honed skills in growing vegetables and crops using modern methods. Using the acquired knowledge and experience, we have achieved significant success. The results of our successful farming work are largely due to the direct support of Neksigol.

Maruf Nurulloev, head of Dehkan Farm Nurullo from Panj district of Khatlon region:

After consulting with Maksud Otabekov, a Neksigol agronomist, I ordered mineral fertilizers from HOSIL.TJ. I have used them to grow alfalfa, cotton and wheat. My harvest of alfalfa and cotton was much higher than last year, but my wheat harvest was not so much. I think this is the result of adverse weather conditions. The prices in HOSIL.TJ are the same as in the agro-shops of Qumsangir, but they have free delivery. The advantage of buying from HOSIL.TJ is that the requested agri-inputs are always of high quality and they are guaranteed.

Shuhrat Kholiqov head of Dehkan Farm Shuhrat from Vahdat district of DRS:

I’ve been a farmer for a long time. Throughout my experience in agriculture, I have often encountered negative results when purchasing seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural supplies from local markets. I stumbled upon the HOSIL.TJ platform on Facebook and turned to them for advice. I consulted with Maksud Otabekov, a Neksigol agronomist — an experienced specialist in the field of agriculture, and decided to order the necessary agri-inputs from HOSIL.TJ. It’s simple, cheap, and has free shipping compared to shopping in stores. I planted seedlings on my farm, applied plant protection products and got a good harvest. Since then, I always order the necessary agricultural supplies from HOSIL.TJ.

The level of services that Neksigol provides to its clients throughout its activities is only intended to contribute to progress in the agricultural sector and improve the living standards of farmers, — said Mahinakhon Suleymanova in conclusion.

«Haqiqati Sughd»