Thanks letters for Agroinform.Tj from USAID

USAID awarded the Agroinform.Tj newspaper with two thanks letters. The thanks letters were presented at the final conference of the Feed the Future Tajikistan Land Market Development Activity. The purpose of awarding the newspaper team with thanks letters is recognition of its contribution to the development of the market for land use rights.

It is worth noting that since 2014, Agroinform.Tj has been working closely with USAID, introducing farmers in the Khatlon region to legal innovations in the field of agriculture. With the support of the Feed the Future Tajikistan Land Market Development Activity, from April 2017 to date, 30 issues of the newspaper have been published and distributed in 12 districts covered by the Project. In total, only 150,000 copies of the newspaper were provided free of charge to farmers and landowners.

On the pages of the project newspaper, information was published on land reform, problems of shareholders and farmers related to their rights and interests, changes and additions to laws and regulations, legal problems of farmers and their consideration, taxes and taxation, farmers’ experience, problems retirement and inheritance of the farm, the activities of partner organizations and Tashabbuskors, the course of seminars and trainings, etc.

The newspaper also covered the problems of women and land, success stories and interesting fates of residents of remote villages in southern Tajikistan. The newspaper is not only a carrier of information, but also has an advisory character and has helped to solve the problems of many farmers

The newspaper team also expressed their gratitude to the Feed the Future Tajikistan Land Market Development Activity for their technical support throughout the implementation of the project.

Khosiyat Komilova