Validation of results of income generating activity within the WFP School Feeding Programme

In 2021, Neksigol Mushovir implemented 47 micro-grant projects to strengthen the capacity of schools within the WFP School Feeding Programme. The school microgrant projects cover 10 types of activities (greenhouse, gardening, cattle breeding, poultry breeding, quail breeding, rabbit breeding, canning shops, etc.), 40 rural schools (some schools have 2-3 projects), and 9 districts of Sughd region. The constructed assets allowed to establishment of a revolving capital for income generation in each target school. Thus, some schools can improve the dietary intake of primary-grade students by supplying diverse food components from these constructed assets, such as fresh and processed vegetables and fruits, milk, etc.

On April 28, 2023, in Dushanbe, the WFP in Tajikistan held a validation workshop, in which the achieved results of this activity, challenges encountered during the implementation, and lessons learned, as well as recommendations for improvement, further expansion, and/or replication were discussed. The implemented activities for micro-grant projects were assessed as relevant, effective, and sustainable by the EvalGroup company, which conducted an independent evaluation of the activities.

More information about the school microgrant projects can be found here.