Near-school microgrant projects

The school microgrant projects cover 10 types of activities (greenhouse, gardening, cattle breeding, poultry breeding, quail breeding, rabbit breeding, sewing shops, fish breeding, canning shops and beekeeping), 40 rural schools (some schools have 2-3 projects) and 9 districts of Sughd region. Locations of the school microgrant projects and their photo-reports are available on the Online School Meal Programme Map. The constructed assets allowed to establishment of a revolving capital for income generation in each target school. Thus, some schools can improve the dietary intake of primary-grade students by supplying diverse food components from these constructed assets, such as fresh and processed vegetables and fruits, milk, etc.

Use case

Sustainable farming



Focus Area

The project objective is to contribute to the improvement of the overall food security situation through the implementation of microgrant ideas (construction of assets) with the purpose of strengthening the capacity of schools for the improvement of nutrition and sustainable self-contribution for further project implementation in districts


December 1, 2020 – November 30, 2021


Nine districts of Sughd region: Asht, Devashtich, Mastchoh, Istaravshan, Isfara, J. Rasulov, Ayni, B. Ghafurov, Mastchoh and Kuhistoni Mastchoh


The total direct target groups are 13 608 primary grade students of 40 target school, including 7 636 girls (44%)


Schools’ administration, Parent-Teacher Association, District Education Departments

Key activities | achievements

Non-food items are purchased for the total sum of TJS 2 513 565,00 for 47 project proposals and handed over to representatives/management of schools. The schools were provided technical assistance for construction/creation of activity assets.


Greenhouse — 28 school projects (6) Canning shop — 2 school projects


Gardening — 3 school projects (well installation, irrigation system and small agri- machinery) (7) Rabbit breeding — 1 school project


Cattle breeding — 4 school projects (8) Fish breeding — 1 school project


Poultry breeding — 3 school projects (9) Quail breeding — 1 school project


Beekeeping — 2 school projects (10) Sewing shop — 2 school projects