Market monitoring for food security analysis

In June 2020, WFP began monitoring food prices in selected markets using the existing network of field enumerators of Neksigol Mushovir. The focus is on the main commodities that are consumed by the population of the country. Prices are collected at the start of each week. For each commodity, multiple traders are interviewed, and the average prices are recorded. The field enumerators collect the data through tablets with the installed electronic questionnaire based on the Kobo platform. The Market Reports are published in the WFP VAM portal and the Neksigol price portal in English, Russian and Tajik languages.

Khujand Rasht Dushanbe


Use case

Access to market



Focus Area

The project aims to ensure timely monitoring at selected markets to help WFP deepen its understanding and analysis of the food security situation.

(1) Provide continuous and up-to-date market information along with market reports; (2) Generate information on causal factors behind price changes; (3) Highlighting market irregularities and inefficiencies; (4) Detecting changes in market functionality over time


June 1, 2020 – December 31, 2025


Fifteen markets and cities/districts of DRS, GBAO, Khatlon and Sughd regions: Dushanbe, Rasht, Hisor, Bokhtar, Kulob, Kushoniyon, Jayhun, Qubodiyon, Khujand, Isfara, Istaravshan, Panjakent, Khorog, Murgob, Ishkoshim


Within the project, price and availability of key commodities are monitored in the markets of 15 cities and districts. Therefore, the project has no direct beneficiaries


Key activities

(1) Conducting Weekly Market Monitoring in the selected markets; (2) Providing Weekly (short) and Quarterly (detailed) Market Reports prepared based on the collected market data; (3) Conducting Annual Market Functionality Index assessment in the selected markets