Capacity building of WUAs in water management practices

The National Water Resource Management Project in Tajikistan is targeted at water resources and irrigation management strengthening at the basin, irrigation and on-farm level of the Tajik part of the Syr Darya river basin that facilitates the water availability and therewith food security enhance, water-related disaster risks fortification, population livelihoods improvement and socio-economic indicators development in the pilot rural communities. The expected outcome includes the irrigation and drainage systems development through sustainable operation and proper maintenance by WUAs. Irrigation improvement is one of the four WUA development pillars that include WUA Governance and Institutional Development, WUA Irrigation Management and WUA Financial and Asset Management.



Use case

Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services | Sustainable farming



Focus Area

The objective of this sub-project is to improve the capacities of WUAs in the management of irrigation systems by providing training sessions and providing technical assistance on water measuring and monitoring


September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2018


Three districts of the Sughd region: B. Ghafurov, J. Rasulov and Spitamen


Water User Associations (WUAs)


Key activities | achievements

  • Training modules on irrigation operation and maintenance for WUAs were elaborated and passed to Sughd Oblast Irrigation Training Centre

  • 29 WUAs were trained on fair water accounting, sustainable maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems in their canals

  • 29 WUAs elaborate Water Distribution Plans and Operation and Maintenance Plans, which are endorsed by their General Meetings annually

  • Analytical report on results of comparison of received volumes of irrigation water with water use plans