Knowledge sharing e-platform for sustainable agriculture

A database of 343 learning materials is prepared on best practices and greening methods of agricultural value chains. E-knowledge platform is launched on innovative approaches, experiences and best practices in green agriculture with localized and adopted content for Tajikistan — Two knowledge-sharing events and four trainings on greening products and VCs were conducted, where 85 representatives of VCs trained, including 37 women– 43%.


Use case

Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services | Sustainable farming


UNDP / Government of Norway

Focus Area

Develop, launch and promote the Knowledge Platform for Sustainable Agriculture (KPSAT) in Tajikistan, which is aimed at improving access of value chains’ stakeholders to knowledge and information on innovative approaches, experiences and best practices in agriculture to green the value chains (VCs)


May 15, 2019 – November 30, 2019




Farmers and other agricultural producers, agricultural input suppliers, agricultural processing enterprises, consolidators, retailers, exporters, Business Intermediary Organizations (BIOs), Agricultural Extension Services (AESs), Financial institutions, relevant government agencies and other actors of agricultural value chains


Key activities

  • Conduction of an analysis of existing e-platforms, web-service providers and other sources of information in Tajikistan and in Central Asian countries, which provide online information on greening the VCs

  • Based on agricultural structures that exist in Tajikistan, defining the main stakeholders and potential users of information, which could be required for greening the processes along the VCs

  • Collection of related materials, practices, technologies, methods etc. on greening agricultural VCs

  • Development, testing and launching a national e-knowledge platform on innovative approaches, experiences and best practices in green agriculture

  • Conduction of at least 2 knowledge sharing events on the developed e-knowledge platform in the regions as well as awareness-raising via online tools and platforms

  • Conduction of at least 4 trainings on greening products and VCs